In 2017, glass enclosures have become one of the most cutting-edge trends in interior design. Here at GetYourShower, an expert company in the manufacture of custom shower enclosures, we are pleased to tell you about the decorative possibilities offered by this trend. But GetYourShower doesn’t just offer elegant, high-quality glass enclosures that add beauty and privacy to your rooms; we also offer total customisation of our products, tailored to the needs and tastes of each client and project.

Transparent glass enclosures: exclusivity in the separation of spaces

In the bathroom: going beyond just custom-made shower enclosures, GetYourShower can help you add character and a personal touch to your bathroom with our exclusive designs for glass enclosures. One trend is to place them as separating elements within the space itself, such as the area reserved for the toilet or shower, for example. One of the advantages of this is that they act as an additional door without visually disrupting the sense of space in the room, whilst also giving it more privacy.

In interior rooms: as well as the bathroom, glass enclosures can be installed in any room in the house as a separating element, replacing an interior wall or door, for example. In this way, just like in the bathroom, it is possible to divide the space without affecting its size. It is also worth noting the benefits of glass enclosures in bringing light to rooms with no exterior windows. That is to say, if a dining room has exterior windows and the entrance hall does not, by including a transparent glass enclosure instead of a normal door, natural light is able to shine through and illuminate the entrance hall.

On covered terraces: acting like glass curtains, transparent glass enclosures are ideal for covered terraces, as they create the sensation of being outdoors 365 days a year. This luxury is made possible with our enclosure model internal glass door Kosmos P-502.

As an internal ‘greenhouse’: finally, another very interesting application for glass enclosures is using them to create a kind of glass cube filled with plants between two rooms. Thus, the rooms share the natural light that enters through their windows, giving the connecting room a very warm and natural tropical environment.

Glass Colour Printing glass enclosures: interior ‘art’ to suit you

As well as choosing your custom glass enclosure, with our virtual decorator you can customise it with different decorative motifs and colours, all combined with GetYourShower´s different installation options, allowing you to install your enclosure by your own means.

In terms of customisation, with Glass Colour Printing technology you can have totally custom-made and highly durable designs incorporated into the glass.


With this technique, you will have a glass enclosure decorated with the phrase or motif you like best, allowing you to combine separate spaces into one and turn a glass wall or door into a key feature of your home.

If this trend has caught your eye, check out our online custom shower enclosure store,  where you can find the glass enclosure that you need, customised to your liking. The functionality and personal touch missing from your home can be found at GetYourShower.