According to an annual survey issued by the UN since 2012, Denmark is considered the “happiest country in the world”. It seems that, despite the freezing temperatures and very few hours of daylight in the winter, the Danish have found the ultimate secret to happiness. It’s called Hygge, and there is no English translation for it. What we can define is the philosophy of life that it promotes: a state of absolute wellbeing in the home. Because for the Danes, the home is the perfect place to share moments with loved ones and enjoy everyday life; a space in which you feel comfortable, relaxed and free.

Hygge: more than a concept of life, it’s a trend

Modern houses have become spaces in which to experience moments. And indeed, inheriting this idea of creating a warm, welcoming and endearing home in which people can be their true selves, Hygge has crossed borders to become the interior design trend of 2017. To better understand this philosophy of happiness you have to realise that, despite adversities, it is people who are in charge of creating the perfect atmosphere for feeling at home, as well as having a positive disposition and attitude towards life.

Hygge Bathrooms: you customise your perfect bathroom

Beyond the definition of Hygge as a way of life, but also as a pivotal trend in modern interior decorating, you must pay attention to how the bathroom is a room in which the concept of Hygge has always been most present.

Now more than ever, the bathroom is the ideal space for escapism, a place where you can forget the worries of everyday life and live in the moment. However, when it comes to achieving the maximum warmth and comfort of the guest, you must have functional, practical, advanced, modern and high-quality equipment. And within that ideal space for relaxation, the shower space comes into play and occupies the starring role. How can you design your own bathroom to make it feel more Hygge?


Hydromassage columns

A piece of high-tech shower equipment based on hydrotherapy or hydromassage can greatly contribute to that ideal state of wellbeing. The curative power of water, as well as its role as an active relaxant, must be taken into account, through the introduction of hydromassage columns  such as Iplash y Lue from GetYourShower. With a custom finish and various types of water outlet, you can choose them in the form of mixer taps or thermostatic taps. And even better, they can include different accessories for a custom-made shower.

Non-slip shower trays

Safety is one of the factors that influences comfort and tranquillity. That’s why having the best quality shower is crucial, through guaranteed non-slip resin shower trays. In GetYourShower’s online store you will find folding, custom-made Gotham shower trays, perfect for simple, practical and even ground-level installations. Discover their many finishes and tonalities for a Hygge aesthetic in the image and likeness of your bathroom. And the best thing is, they’re easy to clean and maintain.


Custom-made shower enclosures

Whether you have a shower or a bath, the ideal is to have a custom-made screen to avoid worries and splashes and increase your comfort. The best thing about GetYourShower is that it allows you to completely customise it to the dimensions of your bathroom and with various opening methods: folding, sliding or fixed. In addition, if you love the Zen philosophy as a way to achieve Hygge in your bathroom, you can decorate it with plant and natural motifs, with stones, plants and even your favourite landscape. Enter our  virtual configurator and choose the type of glass, profiling and finishes, and even enjoy Glass Printing Technology at your fingertips.


Other recommendations

Beyond the shower, you can create your own Hygge atmosphere to be the very happiest you can be in your bathroom space. How? By creating a large, practical, warm and welcoming space, full of natural light.  Decorating with plants can also be a great option, as can exquisite views of the outside through a large window.

Are you ready to make your bathroom very Hygge?