All too often, we see homes that could have come straight out of an interior design magazine, yet the bathroom fails to convey the same level of practicality and harmony that emanates from the rest of the house. This is because the bathroom is one of the most challenging rooms when it comes to creating an attractive and functional space that fits in well with the overall décor of a house.

The problem is that many people tend to be superficial in their choice of bathroom designs instead of selecting high-quality materials and tailor-made pieces that are adapted to the specific requirements of each bathroom. GetYourShower, as experts in this area, will now reveal some of the errors that you should avoid when planning your bathroom. Let’s look at some of the most common issues one by one.

FIRST MISTAKE: Selecting bathroom enclosures with standard measurement

The dimensions of contemporary houses make it difficult to position standard-sized enclosures in the bathroom. To address this problem, GetYourShower provides a tailor-made service with transparent enclosures that will adapt perfectly to meet the needs of any space. These create airy environments with a real sense of bright spaciousness.

In order to ensure that the enclosure allows safe and easy access to the shower, you must also think about the number of panes and the type of opening. At GetYourShower we can advise you about what best fits the needs of your bathroom, such as a swinging, sliding or fixed enclosure, depending on the characteristics and dimensions of the space.

SECOND MISTAKE: Choosing a shower tray that is poorly suited to the dimensions of your bathroom

Should your shower have a tray or not? This is one of the hardest things to decide on when designing a shower space. On the one hand, showers without trays create a sophisticated, avant-garde impression while only requiring a minimal level of maintenance. However, the floor will need to have a suitable inclination to allow the water to drain properly and a small level area will be required for the subsequent installation of the shower enclosure. For this reason, we only recommend showers without trays for bathrooms that have a sufficient amount of space.

Conventional shower trays, on the other hand, are placed at floor level without kerbs and strive to provide comfort, stability and ease of access to the shower. You can find a selection of models in different sizes and colours, making it easy for you to choose the model that best fits with the style and decoration of your bathroom.

THIRD MISTAKE: Not investing in quality floors and wall tiles

The best colour, size, material and design of the floor or wall covering are important elements that should be considered when designing a bathroom. These features can make the difference between a practical and appealing environment and a dysfunctional and pedestrian one. Encaustic tiles with a crisp enamel finish can be a perfect option for lending personality to a previously dull and featureless set-up.

FOURTH MISTAKE: Falling victim to trends and forgetting practicality

Some rooms make it easier than others to experiment with trends, but in the bathroom you must remember to prioritise practicality. Think about how you use your bathroom on a daily basis and consider how you could most conveniently carry out your daily routine there. By doing this you will ensure that your bathroom meets your practical and aesthetic requirements.