The vintage style has become one of the most common decorative styles used for bathroom interior decoration. But this decorative style’s charming and romantic touch goes one step further, by combining features of a nostalgic character with others that are more contemporary, such as showers with glass enclosures. These new classically-inspired bathrooms mean that technology and functionality can live side by side with designs and details of a classic style.

As such,  GetYorShower offers you four simple #TIPS to obtain a bathroom that provides modernity and tradition within a comfortable environment, functional and full of vintage essence.

1.Bath and shower, in perfect harmony

One trend within vintage decoration is the incorporation of a shower and a bath. While the bath brings a classic style to the space, it is the shower that adds an innovative and functional touch to the bathroom. All of this is achieved by combining the ethereal character of the sliding enclosure‘s glass with a distinctive and classic baroque-style bath.

2.Textiles that imprint tradition

One of the distinguishing marks of the classic style is the use of textiles with different textures and designs. So why not also include curtains in the bathroom to add a distinctive and delicate touch to this space, and evoke a sense of well-being.

3.Details full of vintage personality and character

In most cases it is the accessories and decorative details that help us to add that finishing touch to the design. Therefore, we will include wooden shelves or stools for placing towels, vintage decorative features, as well as glass jars, plants and flowers. By doing this you will achieve a bathroom with a classic style but without sacrificing the freshness and harmony that this type of environment should offer.

4.Floors and walls, the focus of every gaze

Finally, we will dress up the walls and floors of our bathroom with the most authentic materials. To obtain the vintage touch in its purest essence we will use wood and ceramic in light shades.

Furthermore, we will opt for geometric designs that are full of colour, since these convey a vintage style and create an atmosphere that is exclusive, traditional and original.