Warmer and sunnier days are just around the corner. With just under a week until we can officially welcome in Spring, we are already thinking about breathing new life into the bathroom with colourful decorative elements. Take note, because the colours that are going to make the biggest splash this season are violet, green, yellow and pink.

Colour your bathroom enclosure

If you love colour, you can personalise your bathroom enclosure or shower enclosure with Glass Printing Technology. In this way, you can include a different custom design on the glass of your shower enclosure itself, with naturally-inspired compositions or geometric designs in spring colours. This is an ideal design solution for small bathrooms where it is difficult to include other decorative features.

Jungle inspiration

You probably think of your bathroom as the last place where you would put a plant. However, as long as there is a source of natural light, the warmth and humidity of this room makes it perfect for many plant species (ivy, sansevieria, bamboo and so on). These plants also provide a unique natural touch which is difficult to achieve with other decorative elements.

If gardening is not your thing, alternatives include plastic plants, dry branches or bouquets of aromatic herbs such as rosemary, lavender and camomile.

Accessories which provide a touch of colour

Bathroom accessories are your best friend when it comes to adding a burst of colour and quickly changing the style of the room. Towels, soap dishes, storage containers and hangers are affordable items which can completely change the aesthetic of your bathroom. This decorative trick works equally well at other times of the year.

Natural wood in your bathroom

Natural wood accessories are perfect for creating an environment which is filled with style and natural appeal. So many options are available: a stool or a small chair in natural vintage wood, wicker baskets for holding towels and bathrobes, clay or terracotta jars and even more.

Have you decided on your favourite idea yet? Then it’s time to get started on creating a bathroom that is bursting with springtime appeal.