Can you imagine your bathroom capturing the movement of leaves falling from the trees? Or enjoying an autumn sunset while you shower? The beginning of autumn bursts into your bathroom through the cosiest trends of the season. At GetYourShower, as a company specialised in creating bespoke enclosures, we offer a bathroom that radiates warmth and well-being through attractive decoration, and bespoke accessories that enrich your daily cleaning with added functionality and practicality.

1. A miscellany of green, brown and orange
This season, pastel colours have become “the new white” of autumn. Pigments as disparate as green, brown or orange, when used in their thinner, delicate versions, are ideal for recreating a relaxed and autumn-inspired environment in the bathroom.

2. Imposing autumnal designs on your enclosure

Elements that evoke natural environments, such as plants, leaves, sunsets, etc. are indispensable. Thanks to the Glass Printing Technology system from GetYourShower, it is possible for the bath enclosure, beyond its practical function, to become one of the most important decorative elements of this space. And this personalisation process allows you to reproduce any image or autumnal colour with optimal photographic quality. Submerging your bathroom in an utterly COSY atmosphere.

bathroom cosy style -1

3. Materials inspired by nature
With the possibility of including ceramics inspired by the warmth, colour and texture of natural materials such as “wood”, which acquires special prominence in the bathroom in the latest trends. In addition, special emphasis is placed on natural fibre, in the form of decorative elements like baskets or stools.

4. Immersion in nature
To further enhance this feeling of autumn in the bathroom, there’s nothing better than including plants that resist moisture, such as Spathiphyllumm, Chamaedorea elegans or Hedera helix. An original idea that can bring a lot of personality to the bathroom is to include a fully transparent Walk-In shower enclosure containing hanging or climbing plants.

5. Ambient lighting
Finally, lighting takes on a key role in achieving a really cosy, inspiring space. And lighting via candles and mood lights is essential in the bathroom to project a sense of relaxation and well-being.