When we have a shower and we are looking to use an enclosure as a closure, beyond its design and aesthetic, we need to take into account some key technical factors that will guarantee maximum safety in the bathroom, as well as a daily shower experience that is comfortable and revitalising.

GetYourShower, as an expert in bathroom enclosures, is committed to constant innovation and development of their bathroom enclosures with materials that are more and more resistant, with the most functional systems and the most exhaustive quality and safety controls.

European certifications

One of the most important factors when choosing an enclosure is that it has the relevant European certifications. Pay attention to this point, since there are manufacturers that attempt to imitate the appearance of certifications and this means that we have an illegal enclosure in our home that does not meet safety and quality standards, and that does not provide us with any type of guarantee against imperfections nor accidents.

Future guarantee

All of our enclosures are accompanied with a “letter of guarantee” and a unique registration that allows us to have absolute control over each enclosure and all of its components. As a result, with any replacement requirement we know exactly which one is required.

Safety closures

Some models of made to measure enclosures from GetYourShower have safety closures that allow you to close the enclosure softly and slowly, to avoid accidents and annoying noises. All of this as well as a design with a high level of technology to avoid leaks or splashes of water, that is submitted to exhaustive testing to ensure it functions perfectly, even after submitting it to 20,000 cycles of opening and closing.

Thickness and resistance of the glass

To enjoy the impressive minimalist appearance that a glass shower enclosure offers, we need to make sure that it is made with thermal hardened safety glass. At GetYourShower we guarantee the stability and safety of our enclosures with impact controls performed in a laboratory, where we ensure that the enclosure has not suffered from functional deteriorations that could lead to injuries for the user.

Safe cleaning and maintenance

The inalterability of the design and the materials of the bathroom enclosure is crucial, since, as well as making our life easier, it also prevents us from being exposed to dangerous situations when cleaning the slippery and delicate shower area. One of the company’s most characteristic systems is its Teknoclean technology, a treatment that is applied to the surface of the glass, forming a protective and anti-adhesion coating, that repels liquid and minimises the build-up of dirt and limescale for 8 years.

In addition, GetYourShower uses designs that are free of angles, sharp edges, roughness and barbs. Our enclosures also use materials that are resistant to corrosion and whose material properties are not affected by using the recommended cleaning products. What’s more, GetYourShower enclosures guarantee resistance to chemical products and stains, even when exposed to 50 cycles of being wet and dried.