You can clearly distinguish the appearance and architecture of English homes by their sloping roofs, which create homes in which it is often complicated to install furniture and create useful spaces. However, placing a bathroom in an attic room is a good option if you know how to adapt the space and are able to find solutions to draw out its maximum potential. Your source of inspiration should be functionality and practicality, so that you can make the most of the dimensions that are available to you. We will now give you six definitive pieces of advice so that you can adapt your bathroom to the gradient of the ceiling, without sacrificing style or functional space.

1. A shower in the tallest part of the room

If you would like to include a bathroom in your attic room, we would recommend that you place the shower in the tallest part of the room, so that you have the most amount of space and therefore, more freedom of movement.

2. Enclosures adapted to angles

Achieving an enclosure that is adapted to a sloped ceiling can be a difficult task, since they are usually rectangular with straight lines. Therefore, GetYourShower, a firm which specialises in custom-made design of enclosures, offers the service to create enclosures customised from scratch. As such, they can be adapted easily and simply to any type of sloped ceiling.

3. The toilet in the lowest part of the room

The layout of the different components is key to optimising space with a sloped ceiling, therefore a good option is to place the toilet in the lowest part of the room. You should bear in mind that to create a good layout it is essential to make the most of the space available.

4. Order, order and more order

To draw out the maximum potential in an attic room, it is advisable to use the part that is located just under the slope for storage furniture. By doing this, you can play around with the size of the shelves, baskets and drawers to make the most of this space that previously was empty.

5. The colour white, synonymous with brightness

One alternative for making the room more spacious and to minimise the sensation of reduced space is to paint the sloped ceiling and window frames in white. This will provide a sense of brightness and the impression of an open sky, that fosters moments of relaxation and wellbeing in the home.

6. Strengthen your open space with tiles

In rooms with a sloped ceiling, combining the rest area with the bathroom is currently in vogue. A fool proof way to create an open space without partitions is to use different tiles to separate both areas. As for the tiles themselves, the trendiest way to increase the light in a attic room is to use tiles with a gloss effect, which will bring brightness to the room and strengthen the sense of spaciousness.

We hope that with this series of tips, sloped ceilings will cease to be seen as a problem and will become an ideal architectural means of creating a bathroom that is both charming and original.