The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a home, which alongside being used daily during the most relaxing and intimate moments of the day, is also notably the second most frequented space in our home when guests come to visit.

The fact is that in recent years, bathrooms have started making headway and marking a shift that has taken place in the domain of decoration. Long gone are those characterless white and blue bathrooms decorated with small tiling. The bathrooms of today have come to be not only functional, clean and comfortable, but also possess a sense of character which makes them unique.

For this very reason, at GetYourShower, being specialists in bath enclosures and bathroom decoration, we are going to guide you on your way to achieving such originality with these seven trends that will send your bathroom to centre stage in 2017.

1. Minimalism in its purest form

This year, minimalism has started gaining momentum, but in 2017 it looks set to explode onto the scene of bathroom design. This trend turns bathrooms into practically invisible spaces, thanks to transparent glass bath enclosures which offer a sense of spaciousness and cleanliness that is second to none. In following the rules of design and distribution of this trend, you can create a diaphanous space even in the smallest of bathrooms.

The truth is that nowadays there are hundreds of possibilities for bathrooms of every shape and size. At GetYourShower, we adapt to your needs and can face up to any challenge, offering you a personalized service and the construction of made-to-measure showers.


2. Golds are going to be your colour fetish

If a few years ago you were to tell us that we would be painting our bathrooms in golds and ochres, we wouldn’t have believed it for a second. But sure enough, this trend is here to stay and not just in any old way. Whether on lamps, wall lights or decorative features, we can see these colours cropping up in bathroom detailing.

An ideal way of incorporating this trend is by personalizing your shower enclosure with bronze profiles and finishes. This makes for an incredible result and adds a trendy touch to your bathroom, without the need to compromise on elegance or functionality.

Even if you don’t see your bathroom going gold anytime soon, there are also other more discreet colours that are still in line with this trend, such as black, chrome or stainless steel.


3. Industrial decor with brickwork style finishing

This trend has taken off in kitchens and now looks set to do the same in bathrooms in the upcoming year of 2017. Through combining textures and surfaces, this material has shown itself to be remarkable on both an aesthetic and functional level, giving your bathroom a unique industrial look, alongside keeping it clean and illuminating the room.

An option that we particularly love is having this bright white brick on the part of the wall bordered by the shower, which with a glazed enclosure in front of it produces an interesting interplay of materials and a fascinating visual effect.

Another way in which you can adopt unique industrial decor into your bathroom is through adding finishes in the form of a grille to your enclosure. You’ll be left speechless when you see the result; it’s incredible!


4. Multifunctional enclosures that make life easier

For those looking to make the most of the space at their disposal, enclosures with additional functions are also available. Not only do these protect the bathroom from shower water, but they also feature integrated functions, such as a towel rack, for instance.

Of course, towel racks are nothing new, but now they come in original shapes, structures and designs. Innovations which set your bathroom apart, without foregoing their principal purpose of being functional.


5. Original finishes on a large scale

One of the most cutting-edge trends for next year is bicolour bathrooms. This consists of using a neutral colour to decorate the majority of the bathroom and then giving it a touch of colour in a designated part of the room.

Some opt for injecting colour into their bathroom through accenting part of a wall or the use of a tiled area, while others use their shower enclosures to add this pop of colour by embellishing them with large-scale prints.

When it comes to enclosures, digital printing is used. This allows for creating enclosures with personalized graphics, with each customer being given the freedom to choose any shape, style and colour they wish. This coloured space serves as the focal point of the bathroom, in turn creating an elegant, distinguished and original effect.


6. Heavy wear and tear

You may very well have already seen traces of this trend, but 2017 will be the year of vintage décor, in which a rustic aesthetic, achieved by incorporating elements par excellence with a worn and weathered effect, makes the ceramic of bathrooms easily mistakable for truly aged and distressed surfaces.

This effect can be seen not only in furniture, but also in shower trays, walls or even on enclosure embellishments.


7. Always equipped with the latest technology

However industrial, minimalist or rustic we make our bathrooms, the ultimate trend is to equip them with the latest technology. Ultra-clear glass which lets through 90% of light, integrated bluetooth audio systems in shower sprinklers or glass that cleans itself as if by magic are but a few of the most recent innovations in bathroom technology.

Got the trends covered? Now you are faced with just the single tough decision of deciding which ones to opt for. At GetYourShower, we want to make the bathroom you have always dreamed of a reality. Should you have any doubts or wish to consult us, get in contact with us. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Images source: GetYourShower, Pinterest