At GetYourShower, the online bath enclosure store, we want to create unique bathroom experiences. We know what is necessary to make the arduous task of choosing the ideal shower enclosure easier. In other words, every enclosure needs to be adapted to the user´s needs and their aesthetic and functional tastes.

Today, we are going to discover the Arcoiris Plus shower enclosure series and will look at the included models and what advantages they bring to your daily hygiene routine.

With Arcoiris Plus, aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand

To get the most from your showering experiences, GetYourShower has a virtual decorator which lets you completely personalise your Arcoiris Plus shower enclosure and thus having a personalised bathroom in line with your aesthetic tastes. Throughout the series you can choose the profile finish (White, Silver, High Gloss Silver, Chrome, Gloss, Bronze, Wenge and Black), the glass finish (Transparent, Ácido, Carglass, Blue, Smoky Grey and Master Carré) and the decorations (sandblasting on clear, blue, or smoky grey glass and Glass Printing Technology.

Arcoiris Plus offers two options as far as opening systems, these are folding and swinging. For both, overlapping rubber and magnetic closing systems are available and a watertight system which facilitates the positioning of the doors and prevents any water from escaping.

For a greater adaptability to whatever the bathroom´s design requires. The Arcoiris Plus series allows you to combine any one of the types of opening with fixed panels in the same enclosure. A perfect alternative to increase the possibilities of your shower.

Arcoiris- Plus-shower-enclosure-4

Furthermore, both models offer Tecknoclean treatment on the glass surfaces, so that the water droplets slide off, minimising the build-up of lime scale. Thus, making maintenance and cleaning easier.

Arcoiris Plus Shower Models

  • Arcoiris Plus folding enclosures

When looking for a shower enclosure, besides the aesthetic factors, there are many practical questions to consider. As well as offering an aesthetic, clean and well-maintained appearance, it should be noted how easy the folding door enclosures are to open and close when entering.

This design is also ideal for bathrooms of a reduced size, since the folding feature can move inwards and therefore does not need any free space around the outside of shower.

  • Arcoiris Plus Swinging Enclosures

On the other hand, the second option available in the series is the swinging shower enclosure. This enclosure is ideal for those who have enough space, because it offers the possibility of choosing different opening orientations such as outwards, inwards or both.

Furthermore, another important point to mention is this enclosure´s practicality when it comes to its cleaning, as you can reach all parts of the panel with greater comfort.