Perhaps you are one of those fortunate enough to have an attic space in your own home. If this is the case, it has no doubt crossed your mind at some point how you would like to set up this space, whether you will opt for turning it into a bedroom, a cosy study, or a larger room for the kids. However there exists another option which rarely occurs to people a priori, which is to go for a warm and welcoming attic bathroom.

Consider the fact that, generally speaking, attics are spaces bestowed with a greater amount of natural light, owing to their large sloping windows. What is more, situated on the top floor of households, sheltered by the rooftop, such spaces are often the most cosy and isolated, rendering them an ideal location to set up a bathroom, creating your perfect corner of comfort and hideaway after a hard day’s work.

If you have already decided on an attic bathroom, bear in mind that if you choose to install a bathtub or shower, should you have enough space to do so, it is worth opting for both. This way, you can adjust your bathing experience according to your mood.

In the case of installing a shower, at Get Your Shower, we advise that you install a made-to-measure shower enclosure. In our online store of enclosures on offer, you can select any model and, using our virtual decorator, personalize it entirely to suit your space and taste.

One of our customers, the owner of an attic bathroom in which he decided to fit a functional shower, was left enchanted with our made-to-measure enclosures. This customer opted for an enclosure model (Swinging Shower Enclosure AS-210) which features transparent glass and a chrome finish. And most importantly, he installed it all by himself, thanks to the ease of installation and total personalization offered by Get Your Shower.


Below is the review left by the customer:


And if you, like this customer, are looking to create your own attic bathroom, feel free to contact us with any doubts that you might have. What is key is that you know how to take measurements, in order to select an enclosure, as well as a shower tray, that is 100% adapted to your needs.

Put your faith in Get Your Shower and get your very own hidden corner of comfort.