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There are certain signs that warn us that our bathroom needs a renovation; in some cases the need for a complete renovation is more evident and in others a makeover could be enough. For example, in cases where there is

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When designing a bathroom that will be used by kids, certain aspects must be taken into account regarding functionality and design. The bathroom must allow the little one’s imagination and fun to run free, without forgetting safety, comfort and resistance

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Warmer and sunnier days are just around the corner. With just under a week until we can officially welcome in Spring, we are already thinking about breathing new life into the bathroom with colourful decorative elements. Take note, because the

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One of the most important aspects when designing your bathroom is that your bath or shower is impervious. This means that the most prominent bathroom solutions are curtains and enclosures.


When designing a bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing bathroom, it quickly becomes apparent that the room’s individual constituent parts can add up to a significant investment in terms of both time and money. This makes it all the

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All too often, we see homes that could have come straight out of an interior design magazine, yet the bathroom fails to convey the same level of practicality and harmony that emanates from the rest of the house. This is

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