One of the most common dilemmas when renovating a bathroom is choosing between a shower and a bath. While a shower offers comfort and practicality when you just want a quick wash, having a bath allows you to enjoy moments that are more relaxed and comforting. However, the truth is that there is no need to choose, since GetYourShower offers bathroom enclosures that can be adapted to all types of baths, so that you can enjoy both the comfort of a shower as well as the serenity provided by a bath.

Models of bathroom enclosures for baths

Just as with shower enclosures, GetYourShower offers a variety of enclosure openings and designs that can be adapted to the needs of bathrooms of any size or layout, as well as to the demands and tastes of all customers.

Walk-in bathroom enclosures

On one hand we have the “floor-level” bathroom enclosures, which in this case are level with the bath. The Walk-in bathroom enclosure models have a fixed panel that occupies half of the space of the shower, and on the end of the panel there is a safety bar attached to the upper part. This is without a doubt the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of both formats without sacrificing a clean, elegant and minimalist aesthetic.

Sliding bathroom enclosures

Sliding bathroom enclosures generally cover the entire area of the bath, leaving it entirely sealed. However, GetYourShower offers a special sliding bathroom enclosure that only occupies half the space of the shower, leaving one end completely open but substituting the fixed panel with two pieces, one fixed and one that slides. In this very format we have the VITA sliding bathroom enclosure, a model that includes a 10% discount until the 21st of September.


Hinged bathroom enclosures

Hinged bathroom enclosures provide freedom of movement because they involve a hinged enclosure which can be moved in one single piece, and with the perfect combination of a fixed and sealed enclosure to prevent water from escaping. There are models that only occupy half the space of the bath and others that create a bath that is entirely sealed, such as the impressive Newglass bathroom enclosure model which allows entry to the shower through the centre of the enclosure. That said, with these types of enclosures it is important to take into account the extra space required in the bathroom in order to open and move the distinctive openings of these enclosures.

Foldable bathroom enclosures

Finally, we immerse ourselves in one of the most practical and functional bathroom enclosures. Foldable bathroom enclosures offer all the same benefits of hinged bathroom enclosures but without the need for extra space for opening. This type of enclosure provides two entirely foldable panels. It is the perfect model for those smaller bathrooms where you would like to make the most of your bath with an enclosure that is both versatile and attractive.

There are four types of openings that you can personalise completely with GetYourShower’s virtual decorator. You can choose the dimensions of each panel, the type of profile and the style of glass (transparent or decorated), allowing you to produce an enclosure that can adapt itself perfectly to your bathroom thus offering you a daily shower experience that is unequalled.