Choosing the enclosure that works best with your bathroom can be quite a challenge, since this will be conditioned by important factors, such as available space, aesthetic value and convenience. However, there is one more factor to take into consideration: the shower tray. Depending on the model that you are working with, one shower enclosure will work better than another.

As experts in made-to-measure bath enclosures, we at GetYourShower can help you to choose the best enclosure for your bathroom based on your shower tray. These recommendations will allow you to make maximum use of the space and layout of your bathroom while enhancing both design and practicality.

Rectangular shower trays: walk-in enclosures/folding enclosures

Rectangular shower trays stand out on account of the practicality and freedom of movement that they provide. In this situation, a fixed walk-in shower enclosure will best fit the shower space, lending tremendous elegance and flexibility to the bathroom. This set-up is also perfect for more minimalist bathrooms and for bathrooms featuring a shower with two entrances.

If the bathroom has a shower between two walls with a rectangular tray, a folding enclosure can also be a highly recommendable option. The broader style of tray allows for this set-up, as the opening requires several centimetres.

Angular shower tray: hinged enclosures / sliding enclosures

Angular shower trays for spaces with two walls are the most widely-used option in small bathrooms. Their square shape fits perfectly with any type of bathroom while still providing a practical and revitalising shower experience.

In this situation, the most suitable option would be a sliding enclosure, as this does not encroach into the space either inside or outside of the shower tray. If space is not an issue, you could choose a hinged enclosure for an angular shower tray. This type of enclosure provides greater entrance space and its handle makes it both practical and highly appealing from a design point of view.


Special shower tray situations: made-to-measure enclosure solutions

Making the most of your bathroom space sometimes calls for made-to-measure solutions which can be perfectly adapted to suit special circumstances. In these situations, both the choice of shower tray and the type of ceiling in the bathroom come into play.

If the ceiling is sloping, to make the best use of every last centimetre we recommend using glass panels which decrease in size to match the height of the space available.

If the space has several different ceiling heights and/or it includes separating walls or partitions, choose solutions that enable you to make the best use of the bathroom’s layout: solutions that will ensure safety and practicality, such as glass panels with cut-outs and different customised heights.

In terms of the shower opening, the possibilities for enabling access to the shower space are unlimited. You can combine sliding doors, hinged enclosures with one or two doors or even fixed enclosures within one single project.

Once you have decided which bathroom enclosure works best with your shower tray, the next step is to access the GetYourShower virtual decorator tool and customise your bath enclosure. Alternatively, you can contact one of our experts who will help you to create your perfect solution.

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