“Your brain is most intelligent when you don’t instruct it on what to do – something people who take showers discover on occasion”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (essayist)

Bath time is a unique moment for creativity and coming up with ideas. This maxim has been true since ancient times.


It is said that in the 2nd century BC, King Hieron of Syracuse asked Archimedes to find out if his crown really was made completely of gold, as per his instructions to the craftsman commissioned to fashion the crown and given a specific amount of gold to do so. The King suspected that the craftsman had tricked him, replacing some of the gold with silver or copper, but Archimedes, who obviously could not break the crown apart, did not know how to find the answer.

The story goes that as the Greek scientist was lowering himself into the tub, some of the water sloshed out as he had filled it too much. And he leapt up, shouting “Eureka, Eureka!” because he realised he had found the way to measure the volume of different types of solid materials. He filled a container to the top with water and placed the crown in it, measuring how much water was displaced. Then he did the same thing with an equal weight of gold. Less water was displaced, which meant that the gold in the crown had indeed been blended with a less dense metal.

Going beyond this curious tale, we know today that the juices of creative minds flow and convert everything they have processed into new ideas during moments of free time. And bath time is usually this kind of time. Because, moreover, a good hot shower stimulates the production of dopamine, a process linked to creativity, as stated by neurobiologist Alice Flaherty.

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