What is it about minimalist bathrooms that make them so appealing? The beauty of ‘less is more’ wins over even the strongest of sceptics when it comes to bathroom decor. Going for a minimalist look is the perfect decor option for turning any space into a simple, elegant and bright environment of complete tranquillity. With these four fundamental elements, any bathroom can, without a shadow of a doubt, become a haven where you can switch off from the humdrum of your day-to-day, and leave all your worries outside its four walls, safely at bay.

Here at GetYourShower, the online store for shower enclosures, we have fallen head over heels for this look and have laid out our top #tips for achieving a minimalist bathroom that boasts freshness, tranquillity and style. To really get this look down to a T, check out how you can incorporate our custom bathroom enclosures into your bath space, for the simple but essential final touch to your room’s interior design.

Monochrome colour scheme

One of the major trends that we see time and again in minimalist decor is the use of neutral colours and subtle tones to achieve that well-known and widely-coveted monochrome look that unites every last corner of the bathroom.

If you really want to take this look to the next level and boost the sophistication and serenity of your space even further, look no further than the cornerstone trend when it comes to this style of decor; black & white. This interplay of two neutral tones intensifies the elegance, simplicity and brightness of the bathroom. An ideal way to bring this trend to your bathroom is to let lighter tones, which create a sense of calm and peace, take centre stage, and save the darker tones for small touches here and there, by coating elements such as the sink or shower tray, like our slate-inspired Gotham model, for instance.


Transparent enclosures

If you are looking to create a sense of cleanliness and endless space in your bathroom, your best bet is to opt for an elegant and minimalist transparent shower enclosure. With glass being one of the key materials used to achieve the minimalist look, by adding precision and finesse to any space, these enclosures are the embodiment of minimalism.

Bathroom enclosures visually enlarge any space by allowing more light to enter and creating the illusion of high ceilings, which is ideal for small to medium sized bathrooms.

As if that was not enough, it is also worth pointing out that GetYourShower enclosures are completely customisable, so that your minimalist design is utterly your own. As well as offering pared-down designs, such as our Walk-in enclosures, with hardly a single functional element in sight, there is also the option of adding a chrome finish to enclosure frames or multi-position stabilising bars. This way, every last element is completely in keeping with the monochrome colour scheme that is central to the minimalist look.


The key, the core and the crux

When it comes to furniture and decorative elements, the golden rule to bear in mind if going for minimalist decor is that if it is colourful, cluttered or does not serve an exclusively functional purpose, it has to go.

To really nail a minimalist design, your bathroom should feature unfinished furniture with straight, clean lines that do not create any clutter, and decorative elements should be strategically placed within the space, to add a touch of personality whilst staying in line with the monochrome look of the rest of the bathroom.

If you already have an idea of how you want your future minimalist bathroom to look, enter our online store and get inspired by the wide range of shower and bath enclosure models in our catalogue. You can customise any model that takes your fancy and adapt it to the style of your bathroom, always making sure to abide by the simple laws of the ‘minimal touch’ look.