One of the most important aspects when designing your bathroom is that your bath or shower is impervious. This means that the most prominent bathroom solutions are curtains and enclosures.

Throughout this post, we will tell you the characteristics of each of these options and their main aesthetic and functional advantages. In this way, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and requirements.

Shower/bath curtains

Bathroom curtains are not very different from the ones we place on a window. The main difference is that they are made with waterproof fabric or plastics to guarantee their maintenance and avoid splashes outside the bath or shower. Advantages to highlight:

  1. Once the curtain rail has been installed the curtains can be replaced easily and quickly, whether to clean them or to change them for other curtains.
  1. Compared to made to measure enclosures their prices are significantly lower. They are without a doubt the most affordable option, despite the different qualities depending on the fabric and brand that designs them.
  1. We provide a large variety of designs and prints on the market. In this way, whenever we are searching for a new look for our bathroom, we can replace the curtains with a new design.

Shower/bath enclosures

The enclosures can be made of rigid plastic and glass. Unlike the shower and bath curtains, both options are more resistant, durable and secure. They also offer better watertightness and a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Advantages to highlight:

  1. One of the most distinguishable aspects compared with the curtains are their high waterproofing. Of both options, this is the one that will more efficiently prevent water from getting out of the shower area.
  1. They also beat their rival in terms of durability, hygiene and resistance. Even though the curtains are more affordable, it’s inevitable that this type of material will accumulate an excess of humidity, bringing stubborn stains and bacteria. As the enclosures are made from rigid plastic or glass, they can be cleaned easily with cleaning products that guarantee optimal maintenance and hygiene. This maintenance makes its lifetime much longer than that of any curtain.
  1. The straight lines and transparency of the glass allow the enclosures to have a modern, avant-garde, elegant and timeless style. They also allow more passing of light and a sense of spaciousness as they do not add any visual weight to the space.

They are also customisable! Although at first it seems that the enclosure universe is more limited compared to other options, at GetYourShower the variety in personalisation is infinite. As well as being able to select the measurements, orientation and finishes, Glass Printing Technology allows printing any design over the glass.

Which do you choose?

It is clear that both options comply with their function to some extent. On the one hand, the curtains can be changed more easily and are more affordable. On the other hand, made to measure bathroom enclosures, as long as they have the respective quality and security certifications, will be investments for the future that will add an extra dose of distinction, durability and security.