There are certain signs that warn us that our bathroom needs a renovation; in some cases the need for a complete renovation is more evident and in others a makeover could be enough.

For example, in cases where there is an excess of humidity, if there are areas with tough limescale that’s practically impossible to get rid of, along with permanent mould, shelves overflowing with boxes and bottles, pieces that are damaged or in bad condition (hooks that fall over time, dangling towel racks, etc.)

If your bathroom has one or several of the problems we have mentioned, it’s time to think about an upgrade.

Let’s get to work: it’s time to renovate your bathroom

To avoid the premature ageing of the materials we use in the bathroom, it’s essential to choose good quality pieces that are resistant to everyday use and wear and tear, approved for this type of room in your home.

One of the areas with a more obvious excess of humidity is the bathroom or shower area. In these cases, Get Your Shower offers lifetime guarantees in bath and shower screens. These are systems that count on Certification 166002:2006 from the UNE that test their resistance and quality. Bathroom enclosures are one of the pieces that are worth investing in, as in the long term they’re a lot more affordable than those of low quality or the shower curtains that have to be replaced regularly.

It is also necessary to use surrounds especially prepared for bathroom areas and to install them correctly as if we don’t, humidity could pass through the linings and create problems and mould stains. Likewise, it could be a good time to renovate toilets and sinks, especially if tough stains have appeared (due to wearing away over time) or we find leaks or water spills.

Details that make a difference

Once we have taken care of the basics in the bathroom, it’s time to upgrade and repair the rest of accessories and details that add a special touch to the decoration. Through these accessories we can define the decorative style that we want to give our bathroom.

If the space you have to work with is small, good lighting and translucent materials such as glass (in enclosures for example) or reflective materials such as metal or copper (for the accessories), can help you create the illusion of a larger space. It is also necessary to clean out the draws, shelves and cupboards where bottles and boxes accumulate over time.

Hygiene is important in any area of your home, but in rooms such as the bathroom it becomes of fundamental importance for all the family. This is why we should count on high quality toilets and bathroom accessories that ensure durability and resistance without the problems we have mentioned arising over time.