When designing a bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing bathroom, it quickly becomes apparent that the room’s individual constituent parts can add up to a significant investment in terms of both time and money. This makes it all the more important to prioritise and be aware of which parts are worth investing in and which we can save money on without compromising on quality, safety and style.

Where to Spend: Shower Enclosures

The shower enclosure is one of those pieces that is well worth investing in. We say this not because we are a company specialising in bathroom enclosures, but rather because cut-price enclosures may not meet European certification standards and may pose a risk to users due to their instability and tendency to break easily. Besides this, a glass shower enclosure does not just provide you with a more pleasant shower experience; it also works on an aesthetic level, brightening and lifting the bathroom space. This is even more true of enclosures that fit the particular characteristics and requirements of your bathroom, as GetYourShower’s tailor-made enclosures do.

However, even if your budget does not allow for a high-quality glass screen, you can consider other options such as acrylic enclosures or shower curtains.

Where to Save: Flooring and Covering

Natural flooring and wall coverings involve a significant investment and are not always guaranteed to produce better functional and aesthetic results, especially when we consider that these days there are cheaper and equally appealing alternatives available. Instead, a good method of saving money when renovating your bathroom is by including special touches in small key areas of the bathroom to lend it an extra-attractive air.

Where to Spend: Plumbing and Shower Trays

Other elements well worth investing in are plumbing and shower trays, because these parts are in constant contact with water and can deteriorate easily if they are not of a high enough quality.

In the case of shower trays, these must not only guarantee remaining useable and in good condition even with the passage of time, but must also be of a slide-proof composition to provide a better level of grip and therefore greater safety to the user. This is true of our Gotham shower tray, for example.

Where to Save: Accessories

Accessories are a perfect way of breathing new life into a bathroom. However, it is not worth spending significant sums of money on accessories because these tend to be changed relatively frequently.