We are welcoming a new year filled with new decorative trends for bathrooms. And 2018 is bursting with ideas!

The latest trends veer towards aseptic spaces with fluid, minimalist lines, in which character is accentuated through the use of naturally-inspired textures and materials such as marble and wood.

From a practical point of view, our focus is on designing bathrooms to be the perfect spaces for relaxing and unwinding in. This means that bathroom design is based on maximising comfort and projecting a feeling of peace and wellbeing through the use of details that will accompany you on an experience to free you from all of your cares.

At GetYourShower we reveal the latest trends in design and bathroom decoration so that you can incorporate these into your home and create a renewed space for 2018: stylish and tailored to your needs.

Bathrooms in loft spaces

In multi-storey residences it is common to place a bedroom with a bathroom, or a living room for relaxing in with a bathroom, on the top floor. Sloping loft ceilings can be transformed into a cosy element that makes the best possible use of the space.

At GetYourShower we customise bathroom elements to make the maximum possible use of any corner in which this space for wellbeing may be located.

The latest in enclosures

A passion for customisation and designing bathroom spaces that are tailor-made to meet every need and fit every user is one of the most compelling trends. Bath enclosures and glass panels with unusual shapes and cuts can be used to make the most of every centimetre of space and create a “maximalist” experience, even in XXS spaces.

Textures and volumes are also becoming one of the more notable enclosure trends for this year. Using the glass printing technique, we can create visual effects that are filled with shades and colours. It is also possible to engrave the glass using the innovative “sandblasting” treatment which creates detailed and highly resistant finishes.

If, on the other hand, you decide to opt for a pure and minimalist style and you have plenty of space available, choose walk-in enclosures with clean and totally transparent finishes.

A modern approach to geometric tiles

This year tiles have played a leading role in many spaces, but in 2018 they will have a strong impact on bathroom design. Customisation will be taken to the limit, creating highly original and personal spaces. Geometrically-shaped tiles – for example, hexagonal tiles – stand out as a favourite choice, as does placing these ceramics in a herringbone pattern: all with the aim of creating movement and breaking the monotony of the environment.

A shower with an enclosure featuring an eye-catching ceramic covering can turn the bathroom area into a striking space which is full of personality.

The combination of this trend with the maximum customisation of your enclosure can make an original and differential contribution to your bathroom space.

Marble-inspired ceramics

 The marble trend is now the order of the day, whether in its natural form or in textile patterns. Marble is making a dramatic entrance not only in floors but also in coverings, bathtubs and showers. As a material, it is considered to be the epitome of cleanliness and sophistication.

This trend also enables you to experiment with an endless array of combinations – whether this is with metallic colours in different finishes, matte or shiny blacks or smooth tones – thus designing unique and special spaces.

Sinks for him and her

Double sinks have emerged as the latest cutting-edge trend that people are looking to include in their bathroom. They fit in with any decorative style and are extremely practical for both couples and families. These toilets make a striking visual impact and create the ideal balance in bathroom spaces.

A perfect way of applying this trend is by using natural stone sinks with an industrial chrome design. Another favourite option is double plumbing which can lend a contemporary and up-to-the-minute feel to the bathroom environment.

Cutting-edge technology in the bathroom

The bathroom has become a favourite relaxation space where technology has brought spa-style trends. We are again seeing bathtubs and shower trays with a hydro-massage feature for looking after the body, multi-position headrests, chromotherapy sprinklers and smart auxiliary furnishings.

Matte black finish: adding highlights to the shower space

Black is making a return to interior design this season, taking the place of bright and shiny surfaces. A matte black profile is the latest trend, with this finish bringing a high level of elegance and character to every corner of the bathroom.

If you’d like to create a more ground-breaking visual impact, combine black with white elements. As bathroom experts, we recommend that you fit your bathroom with matte black enclosure profiles by GetYourShower: this aesthetic solution will delineate and accentuate the shower space and can be customised to measure. At the same time, its high quality makes it a material that works extremely well in challenging spaces.