If you were thinking of breathing new life into your bathroom, this is the perfect time to do so with help from the latest interior decoration trends from this autumn-winter season. Beyond being merely a functional place, your bathroom will now become a space where you can relax and enjoy your daily shower like never before.

September has arrived loaded with new intentions, and GetYourShower intends to continue offering the latest and most innovative trends and ideas for bathroom features, and of course for bathroom enclosures.

1# Wood effect

One of the most fashionable trends at the moment is using surfaces that simulate the colour, grain and texture of natural wood. One highly attractive way of following this trend is to include wood in the shower trays and the interior walls of the shower.


2# Pure geometry

Geometry, despite being a trend that has already drawn attention this past year, continues to be a crucial element in the floors and surfaces of the home. One innovative means of including this trend in your bathroom is with a shower enclosure that incorporates geometric patterns through the use of our Glass Printing Technology. As already mentioned in previous posts, this is a system of printing directly onto glass that was developed by GetYourShower, and allows for the reproduction of any image, colour or design in a photographic quality.

This is a quick and easy system to help you get your own personalised bathroom enclosure. You have at your disposal no less than 70 designs, with up to five colours for photographic printing. At a functional level, it offers an incomparable standard of quality, adhesion and water resistance.

3# Pastel colours

So far in 2017, more than anything else, we have seen many pure white bathrooms. However, this new autumn-winter season we are starting to see the appearance of bathrooms in a variety of colours, but in softer shades. Pastel colours will be responsible for bringing personality and character to this season’s bathrooms and, once again, with Glass Printing Technology you have the option of including these fashionable colours in your bathroom enclosure, thus giving your bathroom an exceptional mellow and rural feel.


4# LED Lights

In order to create a relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom, which yields calm and wellbeing, one of the features to pay special attention to is atmospheric lighting. LED lights are an ideal way to achieve this effect in an elegant, clean and meticulous way.

5# Spa Effect

We have already seen that bathrooms have now become spaces that evoke relaxation and an escape from everyday life. Although this season is going a step further, with bathroom environments that not only evoke balance and calm but also include walk-in shower enclosures that offer absolute freedom of movement, as well as benches, poufs and even beds within the bathroom. It is ideal for spending hour after hour relaxing and pampering yourself, as if you were in a real spa.

6# Protruding sinks

Sinks are no longer merely a functional component of the bathroom, but have now become one of its key features. The sinks that are going to steal the limelight this following season are those that protrude from and are supported directly by the bathroom furniture or countertop. This feature will undoubtedly capture everyone’s attention.

7# Baths and showers

The eternal dilemma between choosing either a shower or a bath has now disappeared this season, since you can now have a bathroom that includes both. On one side you have a freestanding bath and on the other you have a functional and comfortable shower with transparent bathroom enclosures and a floor-level shower tray. An ideal option for all needs and every moment.