One of the most important premises of GetYourShower, online shop for quality bath enclosures, is to satisfy the user’s desires and needs. The business therefore counts on a spacious design of bath enclosures with very different qualities and functions which adapt to the lifestyles and aspirations of each one of its clients.

Today we are going to pay special attention to Walk-in bath enclosures and folding door shower enclosures, as they are the most appropriate models for providing a greater feeling of freshness, brightness and calm in the bathroom space. The showers and baths with walk-in enclosures are characterised by being fixed to the ground and open at one end. On the other hand, the sliding shower enclosures offer the possibility of closing the shower or bath completely, or leaving it half-open to achieve the feeling of freedom which also characterises the walk-in bath enclosures.

Both models intensify the experience of the everyday summer shower not only through the freshness that they emit, but also because they create an optical effect of space and incomparable brightness. Also, the functional design and intrinsic elegance of the bath enclosures from GetYour Shower create a very enriching aura of calm and wellbeing in the day to day life of the user.

Paradise: a personalised bath enclosure

As an online shop for tailor-made shower enclosures, one of the most innovative options on the market for the summer season is the personalisation of bath enclosures with designs and environments which are characteristic of summer such as water, sand or even motifs of plants.

Get an explosion of senses in your bathroom with the help of our virtual decorator. You can take a look at the different summery designs that we have in our online shop right now and get an original bathroom with character and personality in the blink of an eye.

In this way, you can customise the bathroom of your dreams, also selecting from the measurements of your shower enclosure, to other details such as the finishes and the type of glass.

TIP: Include wooden coloured furniture in your bathroom and opt for blues and greens for the accessories to achieve an authentic and sophisticated Mediterranean atmosphere. With GetYour Shower, it is possible to have a bathroom which takes you directly to paradise every day.