The bathroom has become one of the most important spaces in the home, we demand so much from this ‘temple’ of relaxation and comfort in our day to day lives. Therefore, when it comes to the design, special attention should be paid to including the optimal and most practical bathroom equipment, as well as emphasising sensations of optimism, calm and wellbeing.

The experts at GetYourShower, a firm specialised in made-to-measure bathroom enclosures, know better than anybody how to turn an everyday shower into an unparalleled bathroom experience. And to create a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom, one of the most cutting-edge trends in bathroom design is double showers, as, in addition to their undoubted aesthetic beauty, they are incredibly practical and functional.

One of the advantages of this type of shower is that they can be used by two people at the same time, without restricting schedules and the need for waiting times. In addition, instead of needing to have two different showers in two different bathrooms, you get an all-in-one decoration that saves on space and money.

This type of shower is very interesting, for example, for hotel and contract projects, in which a shared shower can be the most original and functional option. However, it is fast becoming the trend of 2017 to implement this decorative practice in the home. And what could be better than sharing this sensational experience with your loved ones?


Ground-level double showers: how to get them with GetYourShower

Although there are many possible alternatives when it comes to designing a double shower for your bathroom, we are going to focus on ground-level double showers.

As well as offering the user freedom of movement and bringing a greater sense of space to the bathroom, ground-level double showers make entering and exiting the shower much more natural and secure. Getting a shower that’s full of elegance and minimalism is as easy as having a thin shower tray and a made-to-measure shower enclosure. Although there are also other opening methods for this kind of ‘minimalist’ shower, the best and most aesthetically perfect opening method is the fixed panel.

This month our star pairing for a dreamy double shower is the Gotham extra-flat made-to-measure shower tray with a thickness of just 3cm, and a ground-level shower enclosure such as the Fijos One series. This July, all Fijos One enclosures will have a 10% discount.

Another of the advantages of GetYourShower is that it allows you to adapt their shower enclosures to any double shower layout, whether it’s a double shower with a semi-wall, a double shower with a step, and even a double shower with one or more screens, completely adapting it to the needs of each user and each bathroom.

Additionally, in our online personalised shower enclosure store you can find a myriad of models that can also be customised to your taste with our virtual decorator, by selecting the profiling, the exact measurements, the positioning, and the finish of the glass. You can even choose between a variety of decorative motifs to 100% personalise your shower enclosure.