Bathrooms have long ceased to be boring, characterless rooms that only serve a functional purpose. In fact, they are becoming ever more prominent in the world of interior design, making their way onto the front pages of interiors magazines as rooms that should be experienced, not just used. Amongst the latest bathroom trends is the personalized shower enclosure which, through a unique and original design, can be adapted to the needs of the individual, as well as to the style of each bathroom.

As experts in custom-made bath enclosure design, at GetYourShower we have developed a virtual decorator which allows you to customize your bath enclosure in a simple and intuitive way, so that you can finally have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Below is a step-by-step guide to follow when using our online shop, so that you can easily personalize your custom-made screen.

Step 1: Go to the GetYourShower virtual decorator

Once you are on the GetYourShower website, navigate to the “custom-made” section. This is where you will find the necessary tools to start customizing your bath enclosure and design a shower which adapts to your needs and tastes, down to the last detail.

The first step is to select either a shower screen, a bath screen or alternatively, if you prefer, a glass enclosure which allows you to create a smaller room inside your bathroom. Once the category of product has been chosen, you will have to choose the model of screen you want from a wide variety of styles, as well as ways of opening and closing the panels: sliding doors, folding doors, swinging doors and walk in showers.

steps for personalizing your shower enclosure 3

Step 2: Establish the dimensions of the product

With the virtual decorator, you can choose whether you want your screen facing to the left or the right; if you want 8mm thick glass; and even establish the exact dimensions of your bath enclosure. At GetYourShower, everything is entirely customizable and made-to-measure.

Step 3: Choose the colour of the finish

Depending on the model that you opt for, there are various finishes to choose between. Amongst the finish options on offer are white, black, silver, chrome, stainless steel, wenge and high gloss silver. We advise that you include small decorative elements in the same finish, to create a trendy and elegant space.

steps for personalizing your shower enclosure 1

Step 4: Choose the type of glass you want

Finally, you need to choose what kind of glass you want. This involves deciding on the finish, for example acid-etched glass, which is ideal if you are looking for a bathroom with a little more privacy, a coloured screen, or illustrations made using Glass Printing Technology.

Once you have found the design you want, all you have to do is indicate the area of the glass to be printed and check whether you have selected glass or acrylic as the material. And you’re done!

Still don’t know which design to pick? Take a look at our post “Give your shower enclosure a kick of character with glass printing technology”, where we give you some ideas you’re sure to love.

Don’t hesitate, get inspired and design your own bath enclosure. With GetYourShower, the design is entirely to your taste.