When we are preparing to change our bath enclosure, the first question that comes to mind is which is the best, a shower or a bath enclosure? For a space as important as the bathroom, an accomplice to family time and the most relaxing and revitalising moments of the day, we are committed to products that combine functionality, design and quality.

Enclosures that provide functionality

At GetYourShower, when we speak of functionality we are referring to bathroom enclosures with door-opening technology that is light and intuitive for all members of the family, and with ergonomics that adapt to the needs of the user as well as to the available space in the bathroom.

100% personalisable enclosures that, regardless of the complicated layout or reduced size of your bathroom, are capable of creating a space that is functional and practical.

For this we have provided an online customiser that allows you to add the precise measurements of your enclosure and choose the type of opening (sliding panels, hinged, foldable or fixed) from a wide range of bathroom enclosure models.

Design and maximum personalisation

Because of its dimensions and usability, the bathroom enclosure is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bathroom. A piece that we use daily and that directly affects the appearance of the bathroom.

We know that there are an infinite number of tastes and decorative styles, therefore we have provided 19 distinctive ranges of shower and bath enclosures that you can personalise entirely according to your taste and your needs.

In the “BeCustom” blog post you can find all the possibilities that Printing Technology offers, as well as our virtual decorator. A platform developed by the company so that you can design your dream enclosure, by choosing its profile, finishes, materials and decorative patterns.

Quality and safety

Finally, another aspect that GetYourShower works at tirelessly is the quality and safety guarantee of their shower enclosures. Since a functional enclosure with an impeccable design is not much use if it doesn’t also guarantee our safety.

It is very important to buy approved enclosures, not imitations. Although at times their appearance can be deceiving, imitations are pieces that after a short period of usage will suffer from functional and aesthetic deterioration, or even worse, they can break or fall apart.

The quality of enclosures from GetYourShower implies easy cleaning, resistance to shock, breaking properties, endurance, stability against impacts, optimum water tightness and no substances used that are dangerous for your health.

Enclosures that are tested daily and, thanks to our exhaustive quality testing, comply with all regulations and offer certificates and labelling, such as CE.