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When designing a bathroom it is very important to take into account the space available, since by doing this you can choose bathroom equipment whose size and design provides freedom of movement and creates a practical and harmonious environment.


It is becoming increasingly common to come across oddly shaped bathrooms, featuring irregular layouts and containing structural elements that complicate the installation of showers and baths. For this very reason, here at GetYourShower, as experts in shower enclosures, we offer

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When we are preparing to change our bath enclosure, the first question that comes to mind is which is the best, a shower or a bath enclosure? For a space as important as the bathroom, an accomplice to family time

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When we have a shower and we are looking to use an enclosure as a closure, beyond its design and aesthetic, we need to take into account some key technical factors that will guarantee maximum safety in the bathroom, as

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The industrial style is more popular than ever in the decoration of the home. Iron, cement, bare materials and almost-empty spaces are some of the trademarks of this type of 1950s New York environment. But how do you apply this

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In a space as simple as a bathroom, you need decorative elements and bathroom features that will add character and identity to the environment. As experts in enclosures, we know that the shower or the bathtub is a key element

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