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When designing a bathroom it is very important to take into account the space available, since by doing this you can choose bathroom equipment whose size and design provides freedom of movement and creates a practical and harmonious environment.


When we are preparing to change our bath enclosure, the first question that comes to mind is which is the best, a shower or a bath enclosure? For a space as important as the bathroom, an accomplice to family time

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When we have a shower and we are looking to use an enclosure as a closure, beyond its design and aesthetic, we need to take into account some key technical factors that will guarantee maximum safety in the bathroom, as

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At GetYourShower, the online shower enclosure store, we think that a bathroom has to be aesthetically great – but optimal functionality and comfort are also essential. Therefore, our bath enclosures are manufactured with the most innovative materials on the market,

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There are many reasons for wanting to refurbish your bathroom. It could be because you have an old bathroom with run-down, obsolete equipment, or need to change the layout of the bathroom in order to gain more space. Interior design

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One of our slogans here at GetYourShower is “if you can picture it, we can make it happen”. Should swapping your bathtub for a shower better see to you and your bathroom’s needs, making this change has never been easier,

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