At GET YOUR SHOWER, we can manufacture bathroom enclosures to meet practically any requirement or taste. But before you get carried away with flights of fancy, remember the basics.

The first, obviously, is to be aware of the space available so you choose a model that lets you get in and out of your bath or shower easily. This will dictate whether you opt for an enclosure with sliding, hinged or folding doors –ideal for small spaces– or a combination of fixed and moving panels.

Choosing which opening system you need also depends on the age and mobility of users; you must bear in mind the needs of children and the elderly, particularly if a person requires help to get into the bathtub or shower or assistance with bathing. If this is the case, the sensible option is folding doors which allow more space for movement when folded back. Another alternative is bathroom enclosures specially designed for persons with reduced mobility, called “PMR” or “asistenciales”.

Something else you need to think about is whether you want tempered glass or acrylic enclosures. Although this choice is more about taste than anything else, it also depends on your budget. Acrylic enclosures are cheaper, but they a less attractive option than glass ones.

And if you choose glass enclosures, you also need to decide if you want the enclosure to have a TEKNOCLEAN treatment which makes it easier to clean, is water-repellent and noticeably reduces limescale build-up. We thoroughly recommend this treatment since it is very affordable and will cut down considerably on cleaning time.

And your remaining choices –model, frame colours, panel decoration, type of acrylic, etc. – are a question of taste, imagination and personal whim.

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