Often, at the core of bathroom design lies the tendency to decorate to the very brim, which makes it crucial that bathroom enclosures are kept completely spotless and remain crystal clear. The only way of ensuring this is to invest in a quality enclosure that guarantees a high level of durability, alongside resistance to extreme humidity, scrubbing, and corrosion over of the course of time, among numerous other trials and tribulations it will have to face.

To ensure your shower enclosure is kept in a truly unparalleled condition, it requires comprehensive care and cleaning with nonabrasive products, so as not to damage the screen, as recommended by the manufacturers of enclosures themselves.

GetYourShower, the standout and standalone brand for custom enclosures, meets all of these quality standards, to ensure that your enclosure stays spotless all 365 days of the year. What’s more, their enclosure designs also boast revolutionary Teknoclean system technology, which repels liquids and reduces the build-up of dirt and limescale.

High quality, low maintenance enclosures 

As we mentioned above, opting for a high quality enclosure is key to creating a spotless shower space, which ensures that your bathroom stays impeccable over the years and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Through carrying out quality control in its laboratories, GetYourShower guarantees that every last element of their bathroom enclosures is certified to the highest standard. At these laboratories, GetYourShower subjects its enclosures to numerous tests in order to guarantee their excellence, which include corrosion, opening/closing cycle, salt spray and wet/dry cycle testing, as well as tests for bearing durability, chemical resistance and air tightness.

On top of all of this, GetYourShower also offers you the chance to equip your bathroom enclosure with its innovative Teknoclean system, which guarantees easy maintenance. Clever nanotechnology used in these enclosures means that the glass repels water, in turn reducing the build-up of dirt and limescale. The result? Enclosures that are easy to clean and boast high durability that will see them through up to 4,000 cleaning cycles.


How to clean your enclosure

Although Teknoclean screens ensure complete resistance against any cleaning products, as well as protecting the enclosure from hard-to-remove stains, when it comes to cleaning your enclosure, it is worth consulting the manufacturer prior to using any products that could damage the screen.

A little trick of the trade that you can adopt to ensure the easy cleaning of your enclosure is to remove any remaining moisture left on the screen with a dry cloth after you have finished using the shower, meaning that even enclosures that have not been treated with Teknoclean will stay free from watermarks.

Another tip is to prepare a mixture of a water and white vinegar in equal parts, to use against difficult dirt stains or limescale. Apply the solution to the glass with a sponge using circular motions then clean thoroughly with water, and finish off by drying the screen with a soft cloth.

If you have any doubts on how to carry out the maintenance of your enclosure, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will advise you as to how best to clean your shower and achieve a clean, pristine and 100% spotless bathroom.