If you’re planning to install a new shower screen, or to change the one you already have, you should decide in advance which type of enclosure opening is the best choice for you. Depending on the dimensions of your bathroom, its style , or  conditioning factors derived from user experience, It would be best for you to choose between one type of opening or another, with choices including sliding, folding, collapsible or fixed-panel enclosures.

From our online shop for bespoke enclosures, GetYourShower, we would like to draw your attention, on this occasion, to collapsible shower enclosures. With regard to these, we should highlight a number of advantages, as well as certain drawbacks, so that you can be sure whether or not it is the best shower enclosure structure for your bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of collapsible shower enclosures

Collapsible bath enclosures are screens with an opening system similar to an ordinary door. They can be opened inwards, outwards or in both directions, depending on the type of screen and your usage preference; and have lateral fixing hinges rather than rails.

In the case of GetYourShower, its collapsible bath enclosures stand out for their carefully manufactured hinges, designed by the firm’s own Design Department, so that comfort in the bathroom is enhanced and the bathroom experience is facilitated via an impeccable blade-opening system.


One of the advantages of this screen opening method is that it permits a large entrance space to the shower. This is not only very functional and comfortable, but could be crucial, for example, for persons with reduced mobility.

Another benefit of this type of screen is its ease of cleaning, as well as the simplicity of the design. And these types of screens favour a more minimalist aesthetic in the bathroom, as they barely need profiles.

The only possible disadvantage is the need for free space in the bathroom, in the case of collapsible screens that open outwards, something that should be taken into account when taking prior measurements in the shower.

Collapsible shower enclosures by GetYourShower

GetYourShower has four lines of collapsible shower enclosures, all fully customisable and bespoke according to the client’s needs. These are the Chloe, NewGlass, Arcoiris and Arcoiris Plus collections.

All these enclosures, whether for showers or baths, include the option to customise profiles, glass and decorations, and you can even choose a unique design of your own using glass printing technology.. There are also options for single-panel or folding-panel screens, according to each specific design; as well as the option to implement Teknoclean anti-lime treatment.

Log into the virtual decorator on the website and choose the design that best suits you and the layout of your bath.