The industrial style is more popular than ever in the decoration of the home. Iron, cement, bare materials and almost-empty spaces are some of the trademarks of this type of 1950s New York environment.

But how do you apply this decorative trend to the bathroom? To avoid creating a cold and bare atmosphere, which bathrooms can sometimes have, it is crucial to combine the industrial style with elements that provide a comfortable and cosy touch, that is necessary for this type of environment.

1. Move away from perfection

To achieve an industrial look you will need to forget about perfect finishes. Go for a shabby look, stripped back finishes and chipped paint on the furniture, and even on the walls. Likewise, another very characteristic part of this style of decoration is brickwork. Real or artificial, they will provide your bathroom with a unique industrial character.

COSY version: One of the most original and functional options is to include decorative motifs in the bathroom enclosure using Glass Printing Technology from GetYourShower, to simulate the roughness of a brick wall in the shower.

2. Metallic furniture and finishes

One of the key materials in industrial decoration is metal, in all its varieties: bronze, brass, distressed… With a towel rail, warehouse shelving or even metal bathroom furniture, you will make the space visually lighter and obtain pieces that are incredibly versatile, resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

COSY version: The most cosy application of this trend is to play with grey colours, using wood and steel or chrome accessories in the bathroom enclosure finish and the bathroom accessories.

3. Showers and bathtubs with an industrial inspiration

Along with industrial decoration, one of the strongest investments this season is a cage-style bespoke bathroom enclosure in a black finish.

COSY version: If you like this trend but think it is a bit “too much” for your bathroom, you could go for a smooth and elegant finish that contrasts with the colour black. In this way you will achieve an environment that is delicate, but industrial at the same time.

4. Decorate with vintage elements

Finally, to recreate an industrial decorative style with personality and character, it is essential to combine furniture and modern and contemporary decorative elements with antiques which inspire this noticeable industrial style: retro ceiling lights, glass bottles, stools, vintage sinks… These are some of the most prominent options.

COSY version: To prevent the environment from being too cold, combine these types of vintage elements with warm materials like raffia, hemp or wicker.