There are trends that respond to new short-lived fortuitous styles, but there are others that are the result of change and new needs. This is the case with floor-level shower enclosures and their evolution into double access showers using a fixed enclosure. A trend capable of creating bathrooms that combine a well-known aesthetic with an exquisite shower experience.

As a company specialising in bathroom enclosures, GetYourShower champions this style of bathroom which emphasises functionality, practicality, and also how to produce a look that is modern and current in a bathroom space. As we have already demonstrated in previous posts, walk-in bathroom enclosures offer a myriad of decorative benefits, since they are a magnificent tool for bringing brightness and spaciousness to small and compact bathrooms in order to overcome the obstacle of an inferior space.

Benefits of double-access showers

The bathrooms that utilise these types of enclosures often seem excessively large. But the truth is that these types of showers are perfect for spaces that require a great deal of room, and that need to take advantage of the space as much as possible. The versatility of this enclosure, together with the personalisation service that GetYourShower offers, makes it easier than ever to find a solution that can bring out the full potential of your bathroom.

In keeping with their aesthetic qualities, these types of double access showers improve the transparency of the walk-in bathroom enclosures, thus preventing the bathroom enclosure from seeming like an intrusive element, and converting it into an integral part of the room.

With these types of enclosures you can experiment with different interior walls, using ceramics to achieve a vintage look, or equally using backlighting for a more futuristic effect. Of course, if you choose a mosaic or tile finish we would recommend using large smooth pieces, with the least number of joints possible. In addition to achieving a more uniform and symmetrical appearance, this will prevent water penetration and formation of mould.

Furthermore, beyond the modern and avant-garde appearance created by their continuous lines, these types of enclosures are ideal for older people, as they make entering and leaving the shower much more comfortable. Just as the spaciousness of the enclosure provides more room to move around inside the shower itself.

Finally, it should be noted that one of the best options for these types of showers is the Gotham shower trays. Their size is entirely adaptable, they provide a surface without joints and their installation is quick and easy.

Other more innovative and daring options are, on the one hand, grooves in the floor or the wall to allow for water filtration, or also the installation of a drain in the middle of the shower, surrounded by a slight gradient. These are two options that would give your shower a minimalist appearance, and would require a more complex installation.