If you are renovating or designing your bathroom and would like to add some character with a unique and exclusive design, your best bet is to turn to GetYourShower. On top of being able to select the design you want to print on your enclosure, you also have the opportunity to choose a custom-made enclosure model which sees to every last need of you and your bathroom.

At long last, you can now finally have the bathroom that you have always been dreaming of. Looking to create a relaxing à la spa atmosphere? Or would you prefer an eclectic shower that is in itself a true work of art? Let your imagination take flight and consider which of these styles you would prefer for your customized enclosure.

Elegance in its purest form

As experts in the design of made-to-measure enclosures, our knowledge encompasses an infinity of options that can give your bathroom a unique and elegant touch. We particularly recommend designs from our range of greys, which endow any space with serenity, elegance and minimalism.


Your own small spa

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a spa in their own home? Imagine being able to have a small space in your house in which to relax and let go of all the tension built up over the course of the day. Designs featuring ocean scenes, Japanese stones or vegetation offer a touch of zen and would be ideal for your spot of solace.

personalizing your shower enclosure

Step into the future

Futuristic designs are another great option for shower enclosures, as with a few simple geometric lines designed according to your taste, you can add character and modernity to your bathroom.

Visit your favourite spot

Ever imagined showering in the middle of Times Square or Trafalgar Square? Each of us has our special go-to location that we would visit again and again. Whether this is New York, London, Paris, Italy or any other, at GetYourShower, our options know no bounds and through our bathroom enclosures with glass printing technology, we can transport you to any spot in the world.

Colour takes centre stage

One of the trends that made its mark in 2016, and looks set to return in the upcoming year of 2017, is giving bathrooms a shot of colour. But not just any colour; we’re talking big, bold and vibrant colours, such as yellows, reds, greens, oranges and even pinks.

Directing this blast of colour at your enclosure is a smart way of avoiding overdecorating your bathroom, as you can add as much or as little colour as you need, where you want it, to achieve interesting and original effects.

Special designs

We all have a set of words or images that serve to identify us. For this very reason, at GetYourShower, we offer such complete and comprehensive personalization, that the client themselves can select any given phrase or illustration that they want to adorn their enclosure design. Discover some of the butterfly, flower and text enclosures that we have on offer by checking out our webpage.

Can’t decide? Visit GetYourShower and with the help of our Virtual Decorator, you can customize your own enclosure, and see which caters best to your needs and sees to the style you seek for your bathroom. First, you will need to set out the measurements of the product you require; then choose the colour and finishes; select whether you would prefer glass or acrylic; indicate whether you want all-colour printing or to use sandblasting technology; and lastly, specify your desired printing spot on the glass.

Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to resolve any queries, qualms or questions that you might have.