When designing a bathroom it is very important to take into account the space available, since by doing this you can choose bathroom equipment whose size and design provides freedom of movement and creates a practical and harmonious environment.

As such, for an irregular and small bathroom, as experts in bathroom enclosures, we recommend opting for a GOTHAM shower tray in a reduced size. A design that allows you to make the most of the space you have. Furthermore, the GetYourShower virtual decorator allows you to personalise the shower tray so that it adapts perfectly to what will become your favourite corner of the house.

5 TIPS for bathrooms with shower trays of a reduced size

  1. The shape is key

Choosing the shape for your shower tray is crucial, as it will make up for the metres that your bathroom lacks. A square or angular shower tray is the perfect choice for spaces limited in size, since it adapts to and makes the most of every last centimetre of the bathroom.

  1. Location matters

Location is another key element to consider for achieving the most spacious environment. The corners, and their ability to minimise the space occupied, will become your closest allies. It is also a good idea to place it at the end of the bathroom, to provide easy access and balance with the other elements in the room.

  1. Choose sliding enclosures

The most appropriate enclosure for these types of trays of a reduced size is the sliding enclosure, since you don’t need extra space to open the doors and be able to enter and leave the shower quickly and comfortably. Helping to create a spacious environment which is full of activity.

  1. Light and clean tones

With the goal of creating a bright and comfortable environment, opt for a combination of colours that are warm and light. With the GetYourShower virtual decorator you can also choose these types of colours for the inside of the shower, since there are a wide range of colours available for shower trays.

  1. Transparent with tints

At GetYourShower we recommend enclosures with transparent finishes, as they give a sense of spaciousness and clarity to the environment. This does not mean that the enclosure has to be entirely transparent, as we can use the innovative Glass Printing Technology to print organic and translucent tints onto the hardened glass, at all times preserving the transparency of the material. This will create spaces that are personalised to the requirements of the room, and achieve the desired transparency and usability.