A “cut-to-fit” shower tray?

Yes indeed. Because what sets us apart at GET YOUR SHOWER is always being able to offer our customers the product they want, personalised and made to the exact dimensions they need.

Since we manufacture made-to-measure bath and shower enclosures at GET YOUR SHOWER, we decided to do the same with shower trays.

The GOTHAM shower tray collection meets any size requirement. From the largest, XXL (200×110 cm), for lovers of “generous” shower spaces, to the smallest.

With its extra-flat design, in line with the most cutting-edge trends in bathroom design and décor, it is available in slate texture in 4 colours to meet the most classical tastes and the most daring ones alike.

And in addition to its exquisite design and cut-to-fit possibilities, the GOTHAM shower tray offers premium technical features: non-slip, super-strong and very easy to clean.

Take a look at the GOTHAM shower tray collection. Don’t hold back… cut to the chase and make it fit your space. Just tell us what you need.