One of our slogans here at GetYourShower is “if you can picture it, we can make it happen”. Should swapping your bathtub for a shower better see to you and your bathroom’s needs, making this change has never been easier, thanks to our online store of customizable shower enclosures.

There are a number of reasons for which you might consider swapping your bathtub for a shower with GetYourShower, as making this change not only reaps decorative benefits, but also has pragmatic perks. Opting for a shower instead of a bathtub not only creates more space and reduces visual clutter, but also offers comfort and ease of use; a set of features which will, without a doubt, boost both the functionality and practicality of your bathroom.

One thing that is worth bearing in mind is that this swap constitutes making a simple change to your bathroom, so make sure that the task is carried out by a professional specialist, in order to ensure a safe, sound and optimal result. Below you can find the series of steps you will need to follow if looking to make this type of change:

Step 1 | Get rid of your old bathtub

When replacing your bathtub with a shower, the first step in the refurbishment process is to get rid of your old bathtub. When doing so, make sure to measure the space that this will free up, so that you can then select a shower tray that seamlessly slots into this space. With the Gotham shower tray from GetYourShower, you can be sure of a perfect fit as the tray can be made to the exact measurements of your bathroom. On top of this, the shower tray also comes in a wide variety of colours so you can personalize your shower space to your taste.

Step 2 | Adapt the drain

The next step is simply to adapt your drain to your new shower and to prepare the floor of your bathroom to ensure that it is perfectly levelled. Take this opportunity to clean up or replace any old parts of flooring or areas that are perhaps a little worse for wear.

Step 3 | Install the shower tray

Once you have made all the above preparations, you’re ready to install the base of the shower tray. It is worth reiterating once more that the base has to be completely flat.

Step 4 | Coat the wall previously covered by the bathtub

Prior to installing the shower tray, you will need to coat the wall that was previously hidden behind the bathtub, with whatever material you prefer and however you see fit. Ceramic or resin materials are most commonly used when replacing a bathtub with a shower. This is easy enough to do with GetYourShower, where you can pair up the resin base of the Gotham shower tray with a matching coating, for instance. The area without any floor tiling ought to reach up to the side panels, as this way you will be able to cut down and trim the material to fit into the determined space, which you can then secure with an adhesive, all the while ensuring that the surface remains flat. Should you wish, you could also opt for a profile cover plate, which guarantees the highest quality finish.

Step 5 | Set up your made-to-measure enclosure

Last but not least; our favourite part. The time has come to select a made-to-measure shower enclosure that will perfectly see to both your needs and decorative tastes. In our enclosure catalogue, you will find an infinite number of models, which you can then customize using our virtual decorator. Here, you get to select the finish, measurements, profiling and type of glass that you want, as well as having the option to give your enclosure a personal touch with decorative embellishments.

By following these five simple steps, along with any professional advice, you can achieve an elegant bathroom with a sharp, chic and practical finish. As experts in shower trays and enclosures, here at GetYourShower, we are always happy to help with any doubts you might have when looking to swap your bathtub for a shower. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will solve each and every one of your questions.