You’re in the process of designing your bathroom, and would love to get a made-to-measure enclosure that you can install yourself. With GetYourShower, this possibility becomes a reality, because on top of being able to choose whichever enclosure best sees to your needs, we also provide you with all you need to know regarding how to install your 100% custom-made enclosure yourself, in the form a few simple steps.

The process is easy and simple, and has already been tried and tested by a large number of our clients, who have been able to successfully, and independently, install our elegant and functional enclosure designs.

1. Pick your perfect enclosure design

At GetYourShower, when we say that our designs are bespoke, what this means is that through use of our virtual decorator, you can configure and customize every last detail of your shower or bath enclosure. You get the final say in almost every decision, regarding dimensions, the width and type of glass and profile used, as well as having the opportunity to create a completely personalized design through sandblasting or the advanced technology of our Glass Colour Printing Technology.


2. How to measure your shower space

Along with selecting the perfect design for your enclosure, it is equally important to know how to correctly measure your shower space. At GetYourShower, we are always looking for ways to make life easier and for this reason have created this tutorial with explanatory videos which help you understand how to measure your space prior to getting your enclosure. You can also find out this information by downloading our PDF, where you will also find how to take measurements in special circumstances, such as irregular showers, those with steps, etc.


 3. How to install your custom-made enclosure

It is crucial to note that the installation process depends on the specific enclosure model selected, as each has its own specifications. In turn, in order to install an enclosure model according to your own measurements, it is important to have the mounting instructions with you, which are provided when you receive the product and can also be found on our website, with details for each enclosure model.


However, should you have any doubts about your installation and require more specific instructions, get in contact with us and we will attend to you and your every need.