Today we focus on the capital of Portugal, specifically the Baixa district of Lisbon, one of the most charismatic and beautiful areas of the city. Right in the heart of Lisbon we find the Hotel Turim Terreiro do Paço, a magical place that since opening in 2015, has extended to its guests all the serenity, hospitality and genuineness so characteristic of the Portuguese.

Magnificent interconnected squares are to be found in the surrounding areas, as well as wide avenues full of architectural beauty waiting to be discovered in every corner. The Baixa de Lisbon is considered an area of great touristic value for the capital, thanks to its atmosphere and its charming streets.

As for the hotel’s own décor, it is worth noting the predominant use of materials such as wood and stone, elements which are integrated around a very refined rustic style of design that brings elegance to any space. As for the interiors of the rooms, although the idea of creating a refined rustic style is still followed to an extent, it must be said that there is a greater commitment to modernity, through the use of minimalist bathrooms.  A modern, practical style of decoration that guarantees functionality and comfort for the guests that stay there.

The architects at Turim Hotels decided, for the third time running, to put their trust in the quality and design of GetYourShower when it came to designing the bathrooms. A total of one hundred bespoke enclosures were selected by the architects, comprising various models from the Smart, Fresh, Arcoiris Plus and Spring collections.

GetYourShower can adapt to any space

A different model of enclosure was selected for each room. Bespoke enclosures were selected depending on the space and layout of each room, with the aim of extracting the greatest potential from each space and making them as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for the guests.


As for the décor in the bathrooms, there is a clear predominance of off-white combined with elements in a garnet pink colour and chrome accents. A classic decoration that connects seamlessly with minimalist brush strokes, such as the spherical glass washbasin and the design of the GetYourShower enclosures, which are also glass with chrome details.

Because of the contemporary design that GetYourShower enclosures are able to create, an ample sense of spaciousness, cleanliness and unique elegance is created in each of the bathrooms, as the unbeatable quality of the material and the Tecknoclean technology used in their glass make the enclosures virtually invisible.

While walk-in enclosures and sliding enclosures  have been used in the more spacious bathrooms, flexible and fold-away enclosures have been selected for the smaller spaces. In this manner, regardless of the size of each bathroom, they are all comfortable and functional, and successfully convey that elegant touch so characteristic of the Hotel Turim Terreiro do Paço.