An enclosure which stands out for its functionality with sliding panels which can be opened in either direction, both in the 2 and 3 panel option.

This is particularly useful for showers with awkward access, either because the bathroom lacks space or because users, especially older persons, have reduced mobility.

The LAND series offers enhanced safety for users as it is fitted with a system which keeps panels securely in place.

It is available in 2 and 3 panel versions in a total of 8 models, which meet any needs customers might have.

As this video shows, the GET YOUR SHOWER LAND series has a robust design style, smooth gliding action and perfect closure.

Its most outstanding features are:

  • Easy installation
  • Bath and shower enclosure with 2 or 3 sliding panels.
  • 6 mm thickness tempered glass. 8 mm side panels attached to front panel.
  • 20 mm frame adjustment play on each side.
  • Frameless sliding panels.
  • Double runner set.
  • Safety system to keep panels securely in place.
  • Fitted with magnetic or overlap closure catch.
  • Handle in Brilliant Chrome finish.

Like all GET YOUR SHOWER bathroom enclosures, the LAND series can also have the TEKNOCLEAN treatment applied to its panels to keep them free from limescale and make them easier to clean for up to 8 years!

Visit our Virtual Decorator now and configure your Land shower enclosure with the measurements, finishes and even decoration you like best.