When our bathroom lacks light, whether due to a lack of windows or poor illumination, we should come up with ideas to brighten up our bathroom space. In doing so, we’ll create a harmonious and welcoming environment.

Space and organisation factors also become relevant here, as these are key features in making sure light flows naturally and uninterruptedly.

Because of this, today at GetYourShower we’re advising you on the best way to turn your bathroom into a space full of light and good vibrations.

Invisible enclosures

If you want to make your bathroom give off light and a feeling of spaciousness, opt for the most minimal version of our transparent enclosures, with slim and almost imperceptible profiles. These enclosures reflect light and balance the environment, bringing brilliance and elegance to the space.

Shine made solid

To make our bathroom give off its own light, we’ll use materials that add shine and brightness. The season’s favourites for bathroom spaces are glass, steel and marble. Materials that, thanks to their dazzling and ethereal essence, give the space added lightness and character.

A perfect GET THE LOOK would involve using marble for decorative elements as well as for paving and surrounds, metal for handles, profiles and bathroom furniture, and glass for mirrors and minimalist bathroom enclosures.

Pastel tones

A soft colour combination tends to create sensations of lightness and spaciousness. So, we’ll say goodbye to colour contrasts and we’ll play with pastel colour palettes and the unbeatable lightness of white.

An ideal option that follows this trend would be putting in a white or cream shower tray and using the same tone and material for the floor and walls. Through this, we’ll achieve a feeling of continuity that will visually increase the space in your bathroom.

LED lighting

Finally, placing lighting at strategic points in our bathroom will be vital, such as the central ceiling, the shower and the sink. We’ll choose LED lights in white tones, as these are the closest to natural light.