Living in the open sea may become a reality for sea lovers. Because boats nowadays offer a luxury and comfort that allow carrying out everyday tasks, with an interior design based equally on elegance and functionality.

A floating home with a good layout may turn life in the open sea into a real pleasure for seafaring people, offering superb views of the ocean and an everyday life just a few centimetres from the water.

You simply need to take into consideration a few guidelines when designing the interior layout of a boat, from selecting materials that can stand the humidity, the salt corrosion and the action of the sunlight, to choosing furniture and equipment adapted to limited spaces.

This becomes even more important when looking into the distribution of the boat’s bathroom, where the equipment has to be perfectly distributed in order to occupy a minimum space, as it becomes necessary to enhance the storage capacity, facilitate usability and ensure maintenance is simple and easy.

A shower adapted to leisure boats

Generally, the bathroom on a boat is compact and the shower even more so. At Get Your Shower we are professional experts in personalising and customising shower screens and bulkheads and we know how important it is to make the most of the available space to create a shower completely adapted to the passengers’ comfort and to the boat’s features.

For this client, for example, after studying the available space for the shower in the bathroom, the final decision was to integrate a sliding shower screen without fixtures, using the bathroom wall itself as shower back bulkhead. The Get Your Shower shower screen chosen was exclusively designed for this project, with chrome finishing and dimensions 800x800mm.

be-custom-be-unic-boat-shower enclosure-1

The result was a stylish, modern and highly functional shower that, offered by Get Your Shower as an easy to install unit, the customer himself was able to install. Not only that, but being tailor-made it was also totally adapted to the requirements of the boat.

Because with Get your Shower no project or shower is impossible.

Be Custom. Be Unique.