It is important to keep functionality and aesthetics in mind when choosing a bath enclosure, however without forgetting about how comfortable the enclosure will be for the user. In other words, in order to obtain that unparalleled bathroom experience it is essential to have a bathroom adapted to your physiological needs as well as your personal hygiene routine.

GetYourShower, the online bath enclosure store, believes in creating spaces which convey harmony and wellbeing. Therefore, it offers multiple bath enclosure combinations which can be personalised down to the last detail.

Functional combinations that you will fall in love with

GetYourShower has a wide range of bath enclosures including ones with a single opening and panel and others which combine various tempered glass panels.

So many of the walk-in, sliding, hinged and folding enclosures have models which combine the best of its opening systems with fixed panels.

In particular, there are enclosures which have different forms of opening such as the folding enclosure from the DUNA collection. An enclosure that is made up of a fixed panel, a sliding enclosure panel and two foldable panels, thus creating a versatile enclosure ideal for corner showers.


Maximum personalisation

One of the special features of GetYourShower´s enclosures is its ability to be personalised and its skill at creating bath enclosures that combine comfort, functionality and practicality. Three values that are essential to have an efficient shower enclosure.

Some of the most important characteristics to consider when choosing a bath enclosure are whether the shower enclosure is adapted to the size of your bathroom, or if it guarantees optimal opening and closing, or even if it makes entering the interior natural and comfortable.

GetYourShower´s virtual decorator is an essential tool for this; a system which allows you to customize every bath enclosure intuitively and easily. Letting you select the final measurements of your shower enclosure, the thickness of the tempered glass, the profiling and even the panel decoration.