If you want to create an atmosphere in your bathroom that inspires harmony and calm, one of the first things to keep in mind is the features of your bathroom or bathtub. In the case of a shower enclosure, it needs to respond to your daily shower habits as well as the needs of your bathroom such as the size or the decorative style you want it to have.

We recently spoke about the decorative advantages that come with the Arcoiris Plus Shower Screen series. However, today we are going to discover the Vita collection. A sliding shower enclosure designed to offer an unparalleled shower experience which can adapt to all types of bathroom.

A minimalism that´s functional

The Vita series has a sliding opening system which is ideal for those who want convenience and functionality when entering and leaving the shower, all without missing out on the minimalist appearance that this type bathroom enclosure offers.

This 8mm glass, soft-closing shower enclosure has an infinite number of decorative advantages. On one hand, the small number of profiles or visual obstacles creates the optical illusion of it being completely invisible, which makes the most of the decorative style “less is more”. Furthermore, on a functional level, the only objective of this impressive decorative effect is to give a sense of greater space and light. Being completely see-through, it does not make the space feel smaller and it lets light stream in throughout all the space.

Extraordinarily, sliding enclosures also allow you to take advantage of space and are thus ideal in bathrooms of a reduced size or XS bathrooms. This is because opening and closing the sliding panel needs no additional space than what it already occupies, just as is the case with hinged enclosures or, in a smaller measurement, folding enclosures. Alternatively, we could take further advantage of the space with a walk-in enclosure, since they need half the space.

Enclosure with a personal touch

The Vita collection can be 100% personalised thanks to the personalisation system by GetYourShower. The virtual decorator allows you to select from a varied range of profile finishes such as, in the case of this series; white, silver, bright chrome and black. The latter of the finishes is a fun and original way to include the latest trends in your bathroom such as the metallic or Black&White trends.

Similarly, personalising the enclosure also gives you an infinite number of possibilities for decoration. Or in other words, go beyond classic transparent glass as the Vita collections lets you include sandblasted finishes such as ácido, azulado, smoky grey colour o Master Carré. As well as decorative motifs from GetYourShower´s Glass Colour Printing technology.