GetYourShower today offers such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and opening systems in enclosures that any kind of shower or bathtub can be catered for, whatever their size or lines and however irregular the bathroom walls may be.
When choosing an enclosure you need to bear various areas in mind, such as:

WATER-TIGHTNESS: The most important thing for an enclosure is that it is water-tight, i.e. no water seeps through its edges or seals.

SAFETY: Glass must always be tempered safety glass. Its thickness can vary.

SHAPES: The shape of the shower tray dictates the shape of the enclosure; the most common enclosures are frontal and angular ones.


  • Tempered glass: a very safe choice, since if the glass should break it does not break into large shards. There are various glass finishes available, GetYourShower offers up to six for you to choose from.
  • Acrylic: This is a cheaper option than glass, but it scratches more easily.
  • Edging and frames: to fix the enclosure to the wall or join panels together. GetYourShower offers up to 7 colour options for highly resistant aluminium edging. The trend is for enclosures with hinges rather than edging, as this makes them lighter.
  • Decoration options: Let your imagination run wild with our wide range of decorative effects, from acid-etching to the latest technology on the market: digital printing on glass.
  • Teknoclean treatment: Most enclosure manufacturers offer their customers the option of a treatment for the enclosure when it is being manufactured that makes it water-repellent, easier to clean and reduces limescale build-up. At GetYourShower, this option is called Teknoclean! Do you want to know more? Click here
  • Opening systems: you can choose between different types of opening depending on the gap or on the shape of the shower tray.
    • Fixed-door enclosure.
    • Sliding doors with runners to make the door slide open smoothly. The ideal enclosure for small bathrooms since this system leaves space for other bathroom fittings.
    • Hinged doors that can be fitted to open inwards or outwards. They take up a good deal more space in the shower area.
    • Folding towards one side of the shower, thus taking up less space around the shower and suitable for small spaces.
    • Combination of fixed and moving.