The CHLOE series of made-to-measure shower and bathtub enclosures is yet another example of our commitment at GET YOUR SHOWER to always looking for technical solutions that combine perfect operation and premium aesthetics. Form and function, as design pioneers used to say.

See it for yourself in this video highlighting the exclusive hinge design which guarantees flawless operation in both the hinged and folding designs.

In addition to the following features and advantages:

  • Bathtub or shower enclosure with hinged – folding panels, inwards and outwards opening direction.
  • 6 mm or 8 mm thick tempered glass.
  • Fixed panel brackets can be replaced with wall-mounted frame with up to 15 mm adjustment play, in Brilliant Chrome finish.
  • Fitted with magnetic closure or water-tight seal.
  • Knob and hinges in Brilliant Chrome.
  • Strengthening bars in Brilliant Chrome.
  • Reversible enclosure.

Personalise your CHLOE bathroom enclosure to your needs and tastes. All it takes is a few clicks in our Virtual Decorator.