Open spaces have now acquired special importance in interior design. The prominence of these environments is due to the spaciousness and multifunctionality that they provide. Living rooms that open out onto the kitchen or bathrooms that are integrated into the bedroom are some of the most popular applications. These options do offer a beautiful aesthetic but also some functional inconveniences. Therefore, this concept will be presented in the form of internal glass doors this 2017-2018 season. An ideal option for those who want to achieve the effect of an open space but with the benefits that a closed space brings. At GetYourShower, as experts in glass enclosures, we analyse all the decorative possibilities of our Kosmos internal glass doors.

Internal glass doors in the kitchen

It’s great to be able to cook and at the same time see your guests in the dining room, or your kids playing in the living room, but the truth is that food residue from the kitchen can spread to the rest of the house and damage the furnishings. Therefore, the ideal solution would be to add a sliding internal glass door, as it allows you to have the kitchen closed off while it is being used, but without sacrificing the sensation of spaciousness and brightness provided by an open-plan space. Since, if anything characterises this type of space, it is being able to make the most of the natural light in every room.

Internal glass doors in the bathroom

The Kosmos internal glass door is a great option to achieve the effect of open space in the bathroom. The bathroom needs to be a perfectly sealed space due to the humidity and smells that it creates. Therefore, a very attractive decorative option is to separate the bathroom with an internal glass door, so it is completely integrated.


Internal glass doors to outline different spaces

This type of glass door is a perfect way to outline different environments within the same space. One of the most common practices is to use it in the bathroom to separate the sink area from the shower and toilet, to create a bathroom that offers privacy and multifunctionality. On the other hand, it is also ideal for spaces such as the dining room, since, without having to sacrifice space, you can create environments that are connected but at the same time separate, depending on the occasion, as can be the case with the living room and dining area.

Internal glass doors that bring personality

The essence of GetYourShower is also present in its Kosmos range, with designs capable of adding personality and character to any space. Thanks to Glass Printing technology, you can personalise every glass door with a variety of decorative motifs that respond to trends such as geometry, nature and colour.

In short, it is as ideal for those with homes of a smaller size, allowing you to create the visual effect of spaciousness and brightness, as it is for those larger environments which need demarcation of different spaces to make them more cosy and functional.