Would you like to design your own bathroom?

“People are not at the service of brands, brands are at the service of people”.

We know this at GetYourShower, so we offer you an extensive range of bathroom screens to fit your requirements, your space and your taste.
The bathroom you want is in your mind; we invite you to move it from there into your home.

All our screens can be adapted to fit the size and shape of your shower or bathtub space: sliding, folding and hinged screens, in addition to the single or double panel fixed solutions in our Walk-in and Fijos One collections.

Have a look at our Virtual Decorator and our collection of digital print décors for translucent glass, in bright colours and premium quality.

What would go best with the rest of your bathroom? What space do you have? Do you prefer a design that is more minimalist or more cosmopolitan, more natural or more fashionable?
You decide. Let yourself be tempted by a vanguard style design, for example maritime, with a fixed screen on one side and a finish that pleases you, elegant and relaxing. Or, if you are one of those people who can’t help splashing water when you bathe, you can combine high innovation with utility, choosing a good sliding or folding screen enclosing all sides. Or a walk-in screen with a door, so that walking into the shower is almost like walking into another room. There are lots of possibilities for your temple of hygiene and privacy, and they are all within your reach.

The time has come to stop just ‘making do’. We can personalise your screen with the design, convenience and hygiene you want, and you decide how to adapt it to your bathroom.
With GetYourShower, you get your privacy made-to-measure.