It is becoming increasingly common to come across oddly shaped bathrooms, featuring irregular layouts and containing structural elements that complicate the installation of showers and baths. For this very reason, here at GetYourShower, as experts in shower enclosures, we offer innovative solutions with enclosures that adapt to every type of bathroom, offering maximal practicality and making the most of every centimetre of space.

When it comes to enclosures that offer the greatest versatility, there is no doubt that a sliding enclosure with three screens is your best bet. By combining one sliding screen and two fixed panels, this construction provides a solution to the structural requirements of any bathroom.

There is no “special case” that our Smart, Vita, Wind and Vetro series cannot tackle. In these models, the use of a sliding screen grants entry into the shower space, whilst the fixed screens can be crafted to accommodate for any dimensions and feature any given design, allowing you to make the most of all available space.


We can see here a number of bathroom enclosures featuring front-facing, sliding bathroom enclosures with three screens, which have then been personalised using the virtual decorator on our site. In this online space, you can customise your bathroom enclosure to meet your specific needs by selecting the measurements, materials, decorative features and even details such as the profile and supporting elements.

In this particular case we can see an enclosure from our Smart series, personalised to feature a fixed screen which adapts to the shape of the partition. Much like enclosures for sloped ceilings, this personalised enclosure hides this protrusion and makes use of space that would otherwise become a dysfunctional space and an eyesore.

The second example showcases a sliding enclosure with three screens from our Wind series. This particular model features fixed screens of different widths, in addition to a glass mirror.

Last but not least, this third instance features a sliding enclosure from the Fresh-Vetro series, in addition to a digital print achieved using our Glass Printing Technology. In being able to select a specific width for the fixed screens, as well as having the opportunity to personalise the enclosure, you get a truly unique finish, which makes its mark on your space, adding personality and character.

At GetYourShower, our aim boils down to creating bathroom spaces that are comfortable, welcoming and functional. On top of this, we offer a number of innovative technological features, such as our Tecknoclean glass treatment; a revolutionary technique which facilitates the cleaning and perfect maintenance of enclosures and prevents the formation of limescale stains for up to 8 years.