We discovered the inside of one of the high-end residences of the Mediterranean city of Valencia, in Eastern Spain. This is the Residencial Tabacalera, a complex of luxury homes with the flavour of a historical site. The structure is located near the old tobacco factory, the ‘Tabacalera’, an emblematic building considered a piece of living history in Valencia.

Indeed, it has taken from its original name, as this exclusive building has been named Residencial Tabacalera. It consists of 80 luxury residences with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, 17 offices, 16 businesses and 148 parking spaces. Apart from its proximity to the old Tabacalera, this building enjoys a privileged location, within walking distance of the Mestalla stadium and between the Avenida de Aragón, Paseo de la Alameda and Paseo Blasco Ibáñez.

Its interior design emphasises its transparent and contemporary character, with calm, spacious and serene spaces, with an elegant design and high-quality manufacturing materials.

The bathrooms of Residencial Tabacalera: maximum comfort with custom-made shower enclosures

Although every stay at the Residencial Tabacalera is a luxurious one, particular attention should be paid to the bathroom design, based on the premises of comfort and prestige. Although the claddings are in stone and earthy colours, the bathroom equipment is essentially white, not forgetting based on simplicity, functionality and practicality. Likewise, the amplitude of spaces is enhanced through a certain aesthetic minimalism, all reduced down to only the essential. They have made the most of the entrance of natural light, and have opted for pure, straight lines in all elements.

For the bathroom space, this highly prestigious residence features a combination of both showers and bathtubs, depending on the bathroom. They all have high-quality, custom-made shower enclosures from GetYourShower, which can be totally personalised and adapted to each configuration and available space. Up to 300 enclosures from our online personalised shower enclosure store have been installed in this project, including the Vita VA-210 and VA-220 models and Newglass NG-102 and NG-206 models.



The Vita models of sliding screen, for example, offer quality and versatility, as well as security, through 10mm compensation, gradual closure, an anti-tip system and a quick installation system. The Newglass, by contrast, are a model of folding screen, favouring easier access to the shower space. In this case, the NewGlass enclosures have 6 or 8mm of security glass, lateral offset and frontal offset.

In terms of design, a transparent glass finish has been selected in all cases with chrome profiling. The installation has been entirely made-to-measure, in some cases resolving the issue of steps.

Location: Valencia (Spain)

Year of construction: 2012

Developer: Igsa Inmobiliaria

Photography: Castarnado Espacio Fotográfico