The rustic style is one of the leading decorative styles; it never goes out of fashion but constantly renews itself. Currently, it is more vintage than ever and is an unrivalled inspiration for the industry, maintaining its high-quality and naturalistic character with a touch of modernity.

However, on occasion, adapting this style to our bathroom space can be confusing and even complicated, as finding an enclosure that combines rustic furniture is no easy task.

Because of this, at GetYourShower we provide you with the best advice on creating your rustic style enclosure and turning your bathroom into a welcoming space which is always in keeping with the latest decorative trends. Take note!

Enclosures that Level Off the Rough Rustic Edges

All the elements which create the rustic style stand out for their authenticity, but large rough pieces mean that the style usually lacks subtlety. Due to this, transparent enclosures from GetYourShower are the ideal choice, as they balance out the space with the delicacy and light it needs.

Materials with a Natural Quality

We find that wood and stone are the perfect pairing for creating a fresh and original bathroom space. Their extremely natural finishes transport us to spaces for wellness, allowing us to enjoy a bathroom experience full of relaxation and rest.

The combination which sets this season’s trend for the rustic style is vintage wooden furniture and seamless marble walls, which gives an innovative finishing touch to our bathroom and turns it into a trendy, avant-garde space.

Stone Colour Schemes

Another key element to give your bathroom the rustic touch is the combination of browns, ochres and beige. These shades fill the room with good vibes, thus creating an extremely comfortable and welcoming environment.

To create this, you can count on Glass Printing Technology to personalise your enclosure with the preferred colour for your bathroom, creating a space that is balanced and visually appealing.

Accessories from Another Time

To complete this entirely rustic style, it is essential to introduce vintage accessories to your bathroom such as iron mirrors, vintage furniture or grained wooden stools.

Furthermore, you can include genuine iron enclosures which go well with the wooden finishes and stone colour scheme, all of which create an atmosphere that gives off character and originality from every corner of the room.

A Fresh and Original Touch

Natural and artisan elements are a must for this style. We can include all kinds of accessories such as flowers, wicker baskets, vases or handmade furniture.

Likewise, you can also add recycled accessories as they match perfectly with the rustic style and are fashionable this season, bringing a well-needed creative and attractive note to the space.

With our completely personalised and made-to-measure bathroom enclosures, the decorative possibilities of your bathroom space are multiplied and allow you to create a space full of visual balance and harmony.